Finance and Development Company Ltd. (FDC) was established in 1984 primarily to provide financing for motor vehicles sold by its sister company, Hadeed Motors Ltd. This was a time when the average person felt ‘shut out’ as financing for certain necessities was not readily available from the commercial banks. The establishment of FDC immediately changed that! The presence of FDC in the marketplace had a tremendous and beneficial impact on the transportation industry and the Antigua and Barbuda economy as it paved the way for many aspiring men and women to establish themselves in this key sector.

Regulated by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), FDC, in recognition of its fiduciary responsibilities to its owners and its customers, adheres to strong principles of financial prudence. FDC is a Licensed Financial Institution, which operates under the 2015 Banking Act and its amendments.

Today, FDC is the primary source of financing for vehicles sold by Hadeed Motors Ltd., Caribbean Premium Motors and HML Autohaus, the authorised dealers for BMW and also Personal & Customer loans. Imbued with knowledge and experience, the staff at FDC approach their responsibilities with a strong sense of professionalism. This is another essential factor that has contributed to the continued success of the company for more than three decades.

FDC is proud of the fact that it has not only enabled several young enterprising nationals to start their own businesses, but also to partner with them in the growth and expansion of these entities. The transportation segment of the Tourism Industry, particularly motor car rentals, is perhaps the one sector of this industry that is solely in the hands of local entities. FDC played a critical role in making this a reality.

FDC is a member of the Hadeed Group of Companies and like the other companies within the Group, it shares the Hadeed Family’s commitment to building on strong relationships with its customers which is evidenced by its high level of ‘repeat’ business the company enjoys.

Over the years, FDC has embraced its reputation as a responsible corporate citizen as it continues to support national cultural events such as carnival and sports, education and other social improvements that will assist in the growth and development of Antigua and Barbuda.

Corporate Mission Statement

Our mission is to be committed to “quality customer service”, to always achieve excellence in product quality and diversity, to offer progressive and unparalleled service, to exhibit innovation and ultimately to be the leaders in all our markets.